Local Charlotte County business people “talking” about their Renegade Marketing Results…

“This knowledge alone allowed us to re-align our marketing spending which saved us more than $650 a month. That was like having someone else pay the rent on our office. It was a lifesaver.  We have expanded our markets up to Bradenton and down to Naples. I would not have believed it possible twelve months ago. Rob and Kate Oliver made the difference.”– Marion Denby, Owner and Director – You’ve Got Maids Sarasota

“I was able to increase my gross sales by 20% without adding new clients by realizing the true value of my services because of Rob and Kate’s guidance.”– Carole Ponzio, Owner

“I sincerely want to thank you for all of your help and guidance. Please feel free to share this letter with anyone that is in need of “proof” that your “stuff” works. If someone wants to contact me, I’d be more than happy to share my personal experiences with them. Thanks Again!”– Ed Hill

“There were many valuable lessons from being part of the Renegade Marketing Inner Circle. The best for us was “the lifetime value of a client” and the importance of staying in touch. With Rob’s encouragement we developed a simple newsletter to “drip” market to our contacts. The results were outstanding. Several past clients called and booked flights.”– Dana Carr, Air Trek, Inc.

“This past year we took Rob’s advice on our pricing structure. The results were amazing! He helped us see the actual value of the products and services we provide. Our sales are up 20% and our clients are appreciating all the little extras we offer them!” – Lynn and Ted Atkins, Charlotte Bridal and Formal Wear

“Calling customers who have ordered last year a week before the date they ordered and reminding them of a Birthday or Anniversary has gone over amazingly. We get at least a 30% return and our customers love it.”– Donna Cardenas, Port Charlotte Florist

“Using one of the direct mail secrets I learned, I consistently spend $200-400 a month on free leads I get and that investment turns into $2,500 to $5,000 a month.”– Mark Martella, Martella Law Firm

“Absolutely fantastic and the best use of my time in a LONG TIME! And the best part is that I can actually use what I learned immediately! I can’t thank you enough. Rob & Kate are the Rock Stars!” – Debbie Harrington, Ambitrans “Incredible info – would have liked more time in a seminar like this. Thank you very much!” – Dawn Marx, Buffalo Graphics “I’ve worked with Kate quite a few times but have never heard Rob speak. I took 8 pages of notes and am walking out of here with a new sense of direction in all my marketing endeavors. I am so excited for additional information we will be getting as an Renegade Insider – I can’t wait to work more with you two.” – Amanda Sanders, Elegant Charlotte County Weddings

“Clear, precise things that I can do right now to Rock my marketing plan.” – Dick Woodull, Keller Williams

“This seminar provided quality information in a condensed format.” – Ted Steele, Kobie Complete

“You guys ROCK! Very informative and helpful. I learned so much and thank you for spending time with us.” – Megan Guynn, Pipedream Plumbing of SW Florida, Inc.

A Few Comments from past Renegade Marketing Seminars and Workshops from Across the USA

This was undoubtedly the single, most effective strategy workshop I have ever attended!  Typically, my expectation is to gain one idea or strategy that I can use to improve how I do business. If you utilize these strategies, the only thing you will have to worry about is how successful your business will become!  Wendy Cowell, Builder and Realtor – Custom Homes by Wendy, WA    

Rob and Kate – Thank you for putting on a great marketing program!! My/our sheet of things to do is long, but with immediate results. We also thank you for working with us to put on the Renegade Direct Marketing 101 Seminar. I believe those attending will provide reliable testimonies for  follow-up session this fall! Thanks again. Clair Kirkland and FaLeana Wech, NPBA, Port Angeles, WA    

This has been a great experience! I have learned so many things that will enhance our business and definitely affect our bottom line! Ron Gilmore, Sales Manager – African American Expressions, CA    

You are awesome!!! It was a lot to try and absorb in two days! I’m not a good “sponge”! Shelle Enyert, Owner – Home Beautifiers, MT  

These past three days have been refreshing, informative and absolutely necessary for any business that is looking for growth! Your pricing strategy tools will be an awesome way to increase profits in the “new economy”! Gregory Perkins, President – African American Expressions, CA    

Amazing conference! I’m very excited to use these tools! I will be at the next conference. Thanks for your time and enthusiasm! Marnie Heaton, Realtor / Administrator – JEM Property, UT    

As usual, it was an amazing conference! I can’t wait to use what I have learned. I know that it will be worth way more than the cost of the conference! Janice Steffenson, Principle Broker – JEM Property, UT    

I am going raise prices and build value – you guys are great!!! The Mindshift Super Conference was fabulous. We learned many things to get started with today. Thank you for having such a great event. I am so busy right now I don’t know what to do. I have 44 appointments I need to set up today. I need help. I guess this is a great problem to have. Shelle and I have already used a couple of the things we learned and they worked beautifully and that was before noon the day after the event. Thanks again. Jim Enyeart, Owner – Home Beautifiers, MT    

I have attended several Renegade Marketing events and every time I learn something that has a positive effect on my business! Ernest Bradshaw, Owner – Premier Corian Products by Alliance Fabrication, WA  

If I had to leave after just one hour, I would still be much better prepared to do business than my competitors. Edward Ross, Alambres, El Paso, TX    

Good Info, great tools and great ideas! I thought my marketing plan was a 10 but now realize it’s closer to a 5– but I know how to make it a 10. Chris Lopez, Peter Piper Pizza, El Paso, TX    

I have been in major burnout mode! You helped me see the simple things that I used to do and so many more that I never thought of! I can’t wait to get back to work! Thank you! Jenn Baca, 1st Advantage Mortgage, Las Cruces, NM    

Lots of common sense info that’s not common. Simple ideas, easy to implement and a  great value – $97.00! It really got my head spinning. Thank you!! David Lopez, David Lopez Tax & Accounting, El Paso, TX    

Very interesting and informational. I liked it and learned a lot of things I need to be doing to grow my business. Great tools to start using. I liked that it was specific and to the point and didn’t go past the time. Patricia Martinez, Stewart Title of El Paso, El Paso, TX    

Very informative! I had no marketing plan because I didn’t really know how or why successful marketing works – knowledge is power. Thank you. Rich Colson, LPL Financial, Wenatchee, WA    

I loved the energy and the “A-ha” moments it created. Xavier Magana, Pan American Insur., El Paso, TX    

What a wonderful seminar! A lot of information was given that I thought to myself “DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?!” The time went so quickly and I was entertained the entire time, all the while learning and motivated to improve my marketing strategies. Jackie Lopez, Evolution Dance Studio, El Paso, TX    

As a media rep, it is important for me to understand the challenges of my clients and to offer ideas and solutions so they can build their businesses. This material is pure gold for me and the people I serve. Kelly Allen, KOHO Radio (Icicle Broadcasting, Inc.), Wenatchee, WA    

Great information what will work great. Your ideas are worth more than we were charged. Jimmy Lopez, Sea Creatures, El Paso, TX    

It‘s refreshing to know that there are other ways to market ourselves other than the usual way…expanding of the mind for me. Thank you. Bill Sizemore, Vacuum Source LLC, Wenatchee, WA    

I really enjoyed the class. Very informative with great ideas. Lorena Torres, Tropicana Hms, El Paso, TX    

On the surface level, I am reinforced that part of what I am doing is on the right track. I also got some great new strategies to start on right away. Joe Gluzinski, Rasi Salai Thailand Imports, Wenatchee, WA    

Thank you for a lot of good ideas, reminders and refreshers to jump start me again – to help me with my relationships with my customers and friends and those I have not even met yet. You’re an awesome group. Carol Forhan, NCW Media, Inc., Leavenworth, WA  

Really got my creative thinking hat on & am re-thinking the way I get my ideal clients. Beth Cantin, Cantin Homes, Port Charlotte, FL

Always great information! New information or information I missed and validation of what I may be doing wrong or right when changes could be made. Thanks, Melanie Markel, Array of Cabinets, Port Charlotte, FL

If you would not have walked into our model home we would have missed out on an opportunity to work with you and help our business work/move forward. Thank you! Monica Wimberly, Don Wimberly Construction Ltd Co., Punta Gorda FL

Great info!  I now feel like I have some tools to begin my business & grow my client base.  This is the first time I have been in a “sales” position – awesome.  Thanks Rob & Kate! Kim Wilson, Parquette & Assoc. Insurance Srs., Port Charlotte, FL

I truly appreciated all the free information and advice. This seminar changed my mindset on how to attract clients. I now know I have been doing some things wrong. Valerie Francis-Sterling, Fusion Events & Design, Port Charlotte, FL

Thanks for reminding me to FOCUS and think of the long term value of my memberships! Great job…much value! Jim Carroll, LegalShield, Port Charlotte, FL

Absolutely fantastic and the best use of my time in a LONG TIME! And the best part is that I can actually use what I learned immediately! I can’t thank you enough Rob & Kate are the Rockstars! Debbie Harrington, Ambit tans Port Charlotte, FL

Incredible info – would have liked more time in a seminar like this. Thank you very much! Dawn Marx, Buffalo Graphics, Port Charlotte, FL

I’ve worked with Kate quite a few times but have never heard Rob speak. I took 8 pages of notes and am walking out of here with a new sense of direction in all my marketing endeavors. I am so excited for additional information we will be getting as an Renegade Insider, I can’t wait to work more with you two. Amanda Sanders, Elegant Charlotte County Weddings, Port Charlotte, FL

Very good and useful! Love the personalization with examples and sense of humor is fabulous! Denise Finn, Port Charlotte Florist, Port Charlotte, FL

Clear, precise things that I can do right now to Rock my marketing plan. Dick Woodull, Keller Williams, Port Charlotte, FL 

I’ve been interviewing and speaking with many marketing / advertising companies trysting to decide where and how I want to market my company. I had some of what we are doing verified at your seminar and why it working or not. And you made me want to learn more, I hate wasting my hard earned dollars. Melanie Markel, Array of Cabinets / Royal Construction, Port Charlotte, FL

This seminar provided quality information in a condensed format. Ted Steele, Kobie Complete, Englewood, FL

You guys ROCK! Very informative and helpful. I learned so much and thank you for spending time with us. Megan Guynn, Pipe Dream Plumbing of SW FL

This was my second seminar with you two, I learned so much more than I did at the first seminar! Thanks, Joanne Lalli, Keller Williams, Port Charlotte, FL

AWESOME! Very current and applicable! Helpful and thought provoking and yet DOABLE!  Denise May, Tropicana Homes, El Paso, TX    

Great way to invest 4-hours of your time to renew, review and re-invigorate how you market your business and how you ‘feel’ about what you’ve been doing!  Deloma Sherwood, Personal Image and Style by Deloma, Wenatchee, WA

Great information – I intend to get started today! Clint Newsom, Winton Homes, El Paso, TX

Good, helpful information for new business professionals in a marketing field. The information will help to re-vamp my marketing strategies. Justin Hahn, Rocky Mountain Mortgage Co, El Paso, TX

Great Program! Lyn Haston, ERA Sellers Buyers & Assoc., Las Cruces, NM

I really learned a lot. I see a lot of this information will really help me in increasing my business. Thanks! Jerry Mulhall, Mulhall Design, Wenatchee, WA

So many people need to get their businesses going. Every hour I came up with a new idea for my association or for my business. It is stuff you can do. You need to do it! Wes Ostic, BIA of Southern New Mexico / Desert Star Realty, Las Cruces, NM

I enjoyed this class, very good information and powerful today. I’m looking forward to start using these tools that we learned. Anthony Holloway, MJ Neal Associates, Wenatchee, WA

Very good presentation. I would recommend it to others. MaryAnn, Las Cruces, NM

Outstanding Seminar – I want to learn more! Gricel Mendoza, BIA of Southern NM / Slumber Parties by Gricel, Las Cruces, NM

This meeting was awesome, very informative, very organized, professional and very interesting. Thank you. Valentine Munson, Moonlight Motor Lodge, Wenatchee, WA

It has been a valuable four hours and has opened the door to an expanded means of relating and recruiting new customers. Ike Cummings, Juice Plus+, East Wenatchee, WA

This is the best marketing session I have experienced in years. Rob’s energy is contagious! I will be able to use many of these tools in my own business. Yeah! Shirley Bradford, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Wenatchee, WA

Full of lot’s of great ideas, some we have already used but never with consistency. We have always been afraid of nagging, but now I have a different perspective. Thank you. Andrea Gieser, JDG Constructions, Sequim, WA

Thanks for making marketing fun for me again. Nicole Schumauder, Take Shape for Life, Wenatchee, WA

I wasn’t sure as to what I was going to get from taking this class. To tell you the truth, I’m going to slaughter my competition! Tracey Simmons, Hearthstone Cottage, East Wenatchee, WA

Very good information. Kicks butt! Kathy Watson, Ultra Tanning Center and Ultra Tan II, Wenatchee, WA

Thanks for the info. I’m buying the package to FORCE me to do it. Chuck Bishop, UBuildIt-Sequim, Sequim, WA

Great added value information. I will use these ideas in my business. Thank you! Darrel Potter, Landmark, Mount Vernon, WA

Very well worth it, good information, and timely. Eric West, Link Transit, Wenatchee, WA

Thank you for all the useful info! I had never been to a seminar where I didn’t yawn, but I didn’t yawn once. All the information you provided can be used in many different businesses. Thanks again. Rikki Verstrate, Overall Construction Services, Wenatchee, WA

I think that these guys do an awesome job of giving information and staying upbeat to keep the audience entertained, yet still learning. Terri L. Miller, MJ Neal Associates, Wenatchee, WA

It was a focused presentation, applicable to all. I picked up some good info. Thanks! Tom Baumstark, Eco-Green Builders, Sequim, WA     Rob’s energy is infectious! We are looking forward to a whole new way of connecting with our students, parents and customers! Tam Kottkamp, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Wenatchee, WA  

Great information, helps to get excited about marketing. Daniel Dean, Overall Construction Services, Wenatchee, WA    

Lots of information to sort through. It was good to know that we are doing some things right, but lots of things we could do differently.  Donna Pacheco, Lumber Traders, Sequim, WA    

The information was very succinct and helpful. Great tools and ideas to implement. Can’t wait to see results! Tracy Morton, Butterfly Life, Wenatchee, WA    

It was a great presentation, and invigorating.  Doug Smith, Lumber Traders, Sequim, WA    

I agree how important the Message – Market – Media concept is and struggle with clients to get them to advertise this way in our weekly papers. I will try more direct marketing concepts with current and future clients. Lindsay Timmermans, NCW Media Inc., Leavenworth, WA    

Easy to understand. Straight forward executable methods for direct marketing. Chris Pape, Dr Gary Pape, River Park Dental, Wenatchee, WA    

I definitely like the ideas about direct mailing. The presentation of each tip was great. Luis Rodriguez, MJ Neal Associates, Wenatchee, WA    

Thanks for all the great info. I’ve been on track with some of this stuff and you helped define what I need to do more of. Erin Baumstark, Estes Builders, Port Townsend, WA    

I learned and received the tools to create a marketing plan that is different than my competitors. Pam Baker, Colonial Vista Retirement, Wenatchee, WA    

Great workshop! Kimberly Andrew, St. Paul’s Lutheran School, Wenatchee, WA    

I am new to the insurance business, and it is a bit overwhelming for me. I got a lot of useful information and tips that I plan to use in marketing my business. Thank you! Teresa Fenner, AFLAC, East Wenatchee, WA     

I thought it was great. Thanks. Debbie Rutherford, Eagle Home Mortgage, Sequim, WA    

Great seminar! Enjoyed the presentation and learned valuable tools to implement! Kim Tangeman, First Choice Collision Center, Inc, Wenatchee, WA    

Very informative. I appreciate the details, the how-to’s. Marilyn Defina, Xango, East Wenatchee, WA    

Great Class – I’m looking forward to 201! Lori Ridgeway, Allform Welding, Inc., Port Townsend, WA    

This was great. Rob did a great presentation. We definitely got a few new ideas. Joe DeFina, Xango, East Wenatchee, WA    

I can’t wait to try out all of your great ideas! Thank you! Kirsten Reid, Sound Community Bank, Sequim, WA     Your class was very good, very informative.  Erin Rich, Ultra Tanning Center, East Wenatchee, WA    

It was full of good information. Homer Smith, Homer Smith Inc, Sequim, WA    

I want more!! Jim Melzark, Sound Cedar, Mount Vernon, WA    

I think we may have done some direct marketing in the past but this makes me think we need to try and track this time with some changes. Great Stuff! Quincy Ribellia D.C., Ribellia Family Chiropractic, Wenatchee, WA    

It was a great class. I will use this material on a daily basis. Leslie Sommerville, Sound Community Bank, Port Townsend, WA    

Very good seminar, lots of valuable information which we can start to use now. Thank you very much.  Larisa Thorpe, Global Car Care, Wenatchee, WA    

It was very informative. Thank you!  Sharon Dunlap, Sequim Physical Therapy, Sequim, WA  

You are all awesome!! This was a great presentation. I love your technology challenged banners! We’ll be in touch! Chris Johnson, Office Tech/Xerox, East Wenatchee, WA

I thought it was great! There is a lot to implement. I will definitely recommend this  seminar to everyone!  Patricia Troxler, Estes Builders, Port Townsend, WA    

Thank you for a great seminar. It gave me a lot of ideas and things to get started on! I can’t wait to have my son attend. He is a new business owner and it should help him a lot!!! Alma Robles, Joe Bernal Insurance, El Paso, TX    

I strongly believe this seminar was absolutely helpful. I learned a lot of great ideas of how to succeed in business. Information was absolutely great! Martha Medina, Pan American Insurance, El Paso, TX    

Great stuff!! I needed a kick-start and this should do it. Now it’s up to me. Thanks again. David Lopez, David Lopez Tax & Accounting Service, El Paso, TX    

WOW! Outstanding.  Ray Adauto, El Paso Association of Builders, El Paso, TX    

I’ve experienced a lot of ideas about how to do better at my business. I will consider everything and all the tools you’ve provided. Monica Gomez, Senercon, El Paso, TX  

Outstanding!  Mike Santamaria, Mountain Vista Homes, El Paso, TX  

Thank you guys – I really enjoyed the ideas and tools to improve my business. I will definitely recommend this workshop. Joe Bernal, Joe Bernal Insurance, El Paso, TX  

This was a wonderful seminar. Thank you so much for coming. I learned several new techniques to use. Thanks! Monica Aguirre, Pan American Insurance    

You have brought a breath of fresh air to El Paso in regards to how and what we need to do to better our businesses. Xavier Magana, Pan American Insurance, El Paso, TX